Telstra eyes monitoring and securing its hybrid cloud with Azure Arc

Telstra is creating a highly secure infrastructure that’s fully connected under a single control plane. Data security and regulatory compliance are at the forefront of its mission, as it builds and architects applications in a connected cloud.

In order to achieve this, Telstra is turning to a software-defined infrastructure (SDI), which will provide the security, flexibility, and efficiency required to manage today’s digital businesses. This will allow Telstra to quickly adapt to changing customer demands and business needs while maintaining a high level of security and compliance.

Telstra’s SDI will be built on a foundation of physical, virtual, and cloud resources, with a unified control plane that spans all three. This will give Telstra the agility it needs to rapidly provision and scale applications, while still maintaining the security and compliance required for its mission-critical workloads.

In moving its on-premises data centers and consolidating them in the cloud and leaning on edge computing and various cloud platforms to deliver distributed telecommunications services, Telstra is relying on the adaptability and control of Microsoft Azure Arc to implement a single control plane across all platforms. This helps Telstra on its mission to grow its service offerings as Australia’s leading telecommunications company.

Telstra, Australia’s largest telecommunications company, has been on a journey to move its on-premises data centers and services to the cloud. As part of this transition, Telstra has been using Microsoft Azure Arc to consolidate its infrastructure and operations in the cloud while still providing distributed telecommunications services.

Telstra has relied on Azure Arc to provide a single control plane across all of its platforms, which has helped Telstra to grow its service offerings and expand its customer base.

Telstra’s use of Azure Arc has allowed the company to move away from traditional data center architectures and adopt a more cloud-native approach that is designed to be more scalable and resilient. This has helped Telstra to improve its customer experience by providing faster service delivery and more reliable services.

In addition, Azure Arc has helped Telstra to reduce its operational costs by simplifying its IT infrastructure and consolidating its data center operations.

Looking to the future, Telstra plans to use Azure Arc to continue its transition to a more cloud-native approach that will enable the company to further improve its customer experience and reduce its operational costs.

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