IT Support Services in Los Angeles

IT Support Services Los Angeles

Is your business next to suffer a major data breach or financial crime? Yes, InData Consulting provides IT Support Services in Los Angeles. Just know, that reactive IT support services are not enough anymore. Cyber crimes are way up and your business revenue is at risk. There are plenty of cybersecurity safeguards even the most seasoned IT professionals can overlook. It is critical to have an outside firm do an annual audit of the company’s security procedures and technology. In fact, it is becoming common for cyber liability insurance providers to require annual audits and extra layers of security or they won’t pay a claim for a data breach. You will receive a response like “The company did not make a reasonable effort to properly secure data from hackers and we won’t cover this.”

InData Consulting offers IT Support Services in Los Angeles with a heavy focus on cybersecurity controls and risk management. We start our process by completing a Cyber Security Risk Assessment (CRSA) to determine the company’s security posture. We apply our Certified Ethical Hacker skills to identify your company’s attack surfaces. We show how easy it is to phish employees for access to sensitive accounts, personal identifiable information (PII), and intellectual property. All companies are constantly being scanned by robots looking for entry points to hack your company data and we will prove it to you.

IT Support Services Los Angeles

Employee Cybersecurity Awareness training is another important service you should offer to your employees. You can lock down systems and add security layers but an employee with poor cybersecurity awareness and access to corporate email is your weakest link. Cybersecurity Awareness Training is inexpensive but a critical tool to protect your business. Teaching employees to look out for emails with questionable links, attachments, or requests for passwords is more important than ever.

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