IT Managed Services

Looking for IT Managed Services?

InData Consulting Offers Co-Managed IT Consulting and Cybersecurity Services

Why Hire a Managed Services Company?

By outsourcing specific IT consulting responsibilities, you free up your staff and you for revenue-generating opportunities.
Your organization can tap on-demand talent, depth of experience, ample resources, and huge economies of scale at a
lower cost compared to doing everything in-house.

InData Consulting’s goal is to identify and promote operational efficiencies for business leaders and IT Executives. We leverage technology and process to improve company performance. You will work with a Customer Success Manager and Managed IT Services subject matter expert to proactively look out for the best interest of your business.

We are a complete Managed IT Services Team providing specialized services for a fraction of a full-time employee. If any part of your optimized IT infrastructure hits a bump, we’ll take care of it, usually before you even notice. If you’re concerned about hackers (who isn’t?) our built-in security and compliance processes are second to none. If someone on your team has a problem with IT, our Help Desk team fixes it right away — 95% of calls are answered by a human in under 60 seconds and more than 80% of problems are resolved during the first call.

Grow Your Business with Managed Services

Comprehensive Managed Services are important to ensure that critical IT systems are always available to support core business functions.
InData Consulting has services to address your ongoing IT management and cybersecurity needs.

InData Consulting provides regular maintenance of PCs, Macs, servers, cloud, networks, and cybersecurity infrastructure for maximum uptime.
We’ll build the right IT plan to optimize your business, minimize downtime, and maximize productivity.

Client Testimonials

Our clients’ success is our purpose. That’s why we’re thrilled when they enjoy the InData IT Consulting experience.

Increased Productivity

Managed Services

With InData’s IoT sensors and software we were able to increase productivity by 30% with less staff. They gave us data and insight to assist us in our decision making process.

Always Count on InData

Managed Services

I have worked with InData for years. They rebuilt my entire IT network and storage infrastructure. Now they provide ongoing services to keep us running. I can always count on InData.

Trusted and Reliable

We’ve been working with InData for over 5 years. They helped us revamp our IT/Network infrastructure and continue to support us. I can’t say enough of how crucial InData has been for our company.

Chester Lee

Power Outage and Data Scramble

Managed Services

We had a power outage that took down our server. InData recovered our data and built Sharepoint sites for our Team. Thank you InData!

Financial Services Firm

Happy with Service

Managed Services

InData recovered our accounting system, then modernized it by taking us to the cloud. I was really happy with their service.