Remote Worker Monitoring

Remote Worker Monitoring

Productivity Tracking & Security

Employee monitoring, productivity optimization, and insider threat detection in a single platform

Go beyond the basic employee monitoring and tracking functionality and adds intelligent behavior-based analysis to provide actionable insight and automated responses to employee-generated threats. It can monitor employees, third-party vendors, contractors, remote, and special/privileged users. With its rules and policies, capture violation incidents as forensic evidence and take action to alert, stop, block, and more.

Measure employee productivity, conduct risk analysis, prevent unauthorized data exfiltration, and keep track of how employees and third-party vendors access company resources while logged in at work. Finally, in case of a data breach or security incident, provides comprehensive forensic data and session recordings to identify the employees and vendors who have triggered a rule violation along with their activity footprint with pinpoint accuracy.

Features at a Glance:

Remote Worker Productivity Tracking​

    • Activity Tracking
    • Keyword Search Logs
    • Application Usage
    • Website Usage
    • Social Media Usage

Remote Worker Security

  • Fraud​
  • Keyword Alert​
  • Flight Risk
  • Document Tracking​
  • Record Screens

Getting Started With InData

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