Internal Threat

Internal Threat Assessment

Employee Behavior Analytics & Monitoring

Complete Visibility

Agents are deployed on all of your employee’s Windows desktops laptops and servers (Mac and Android coming soon) in both physical and virtualized environments. We then monitor and analyze all user activity 24/7.

Productivity Monitoring & Analysis

  • Application Activity – Complete application usage detail
  • Web Activity – Detailed web usage for each employee
  • Chat & IM – Report on messaging apps
  • User Status – Accurate record of session time & activity
  • Email Activity – Capture, analyze, search, and alert on traditional email clients and popular webmail services
  • Psycholinguistic – Analyzing language in email to spot significant changes in employee attitude and sentiment
Internal Threat

See Anything & Everything

Remote screen monitoring software allows managers and business owners to monitor the online actions of employees from any location. This is especially beneficial for companies that employ remote workers, or those who work outside a traditional office environment.

As long as the area offers internet access, managers and company leaders can monitor online office activities.

The software can be accessed from any device to ensure that employees are staying on task and abiding by the company’s internet and mobile device policies. Time tracking features will show hours spent on each task as well as the online sites accessed by employees. In addition, the software captures each time an employee logs in or out of the company server.

Software also logs texts, emails and chats during business hours and across all platforms. Remote software enables managers to block specific sites—like social media—to ensure that workers aren’t distracted or side-tracked by personal activities.

Accessing the software remotely provides managers and business owners with peace of mind regarding office activities and productivity. Data provided by the software can show which employees are on-track and who isn’t meeting expectations. This allows managers to stop bad habits before they affect the company’s bottom line.

Extreme Risk for SMBs

Small businesses are not immune from disgruntled employees. Seventy one percent of U.S. workers are so unhappy at work they are looking for a new job. Small businesses face extreme risk from insider threats because:

  • Most employees have access to all company data
  • They lack advanced technologies to spot risks
  • They work in a highly competitive local market
  • Financial hits caused by a breach can cripple a small business
Internal Threat

Getting Started With InData

When you don’t have the time to deal with IT, it’s time to call InData. We’ve been partnering with companies to expertly manage their entire IT infrastructure — it’s why we went into business, why we were one of the first companies to pioneer remote IT management over the Internet, and why we enjoy a 95% retention rate. We believe in a culture of exceptional customer service, the concept of IT optimization and the philosophy that IT should empower your business instead of getting in the way. Plus we’re friendly and fun – the last thing you need is technical jargon and attitude.

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