Forensic Investigations

Forensic Investigations

User Activity Monitoring, Eyes on Glass Technology & Evidence Gathering

Seeking the Truth

Investigations are a search for the truth. As a forensic investigator you are either validating or invalidating a suspicion of wrongdoing. Traditionally investigators have had to piece together bits of information often struggling to find all the pieces of the puzzle. New technologies can dramatically impact your ability to quickly find the “truth”.

Resolving Cases Faster

With large case loads, resolving cases quickly is a priority for most investigators. Additionally it’s imperative to stop theft or fraudulent actions ASAP as customers’ PII and the companies intellectual property may be at great risk. Having the right forensic investigative tools to resolve cases faster is crucial for the forensic investigative team. Advanced user activity monitoring tools like Veriato’s Investigator can uncover crucial evidence within seconds of an incriminating action, or statement, taking place.

New Levels of Visibility

Investigator’s stealth agent can be remotely  deployed on a suspects machine. It will immediately start monitoring and recording all the user’s computer activity including:


  • Chats & IMs
  • Emails
  • File activity
  • Program activity
  • Website visited
  • Web searches
  • Keystrokes typed
  • Network activity

Eyes On Glass

Forensic Investigations

Pictures are worth a thousand words. Never has this been more true than when you watch the screenshot video playback of an employee doing something wrong or illegal. The visual evidence let’s you close a case in record time and it gives you 100% confidence in your conclusions.


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