Stitch Fix’s radical AI way to sell clothes is reinventing retail

CEO Katrina Lake’s e-commerce retailer uses AI to find you the best-fitting clothes you’ve ever worn

When you think of AI powerhouses, a fashion house may not be what first comes to mind. But capsule wardrobe company Stitch Fix is perfecting the art. In this article in Fast Company, learn how Stitch Fix relies on algorithms to drive all aspects of the business from selecting clothes for clients to running the warehouse. Their innovative Style Shuffle allows clients to rate clothing images each day, feeding the algorithm and refining the clothes offered to that customer. Customer comments after they’ve received a Fix give valuable feedback to clothing manufacturers on the minutiae of fit as well as style–a level of feedback they never get from retail.

This is the kind of pooling of data you get with the modern business intelligence of Power Bi and Azure. You can build and innovate with choice and flexibility. And you have visual drag and drop data exploration and interactive reporting right at your fingertips.

Stitch Fix is using its data prowess across every aspect of its business to reinvent the $334 billion U.S. apparel industry. For consumers, it’s solving the discovery problem exacerbated by the endless sea of product online, where more than a quarter of clothes are now sold. “Here are all these beautiful things,” says Stitch Fix CEO Katrina Lake, sitting in a fishbowl conference room at her San Francisco headquarters last fall, “but the reality is only a subset of things are right for me.” By soliciting millions of customers’ feedback and precisely measuring every aspect of the clothes it sells, from more than 1,000 brands plus its own in-house labels, Stitch Fix can offer personal styling at scale, widening the market from the very rich to the average consumer, who currently pays the company an average of $55 per item to avoid the headache of shopping.

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