Chief Data Officers Struggle To Make A Business Impact

Data continues to proliferate. Digital transformation initiatives are driving intensified competition. In this thought leadership article, an experienced strategy consultant suggests harnessing the full power of data is the key to driving successful transformation. More than a one-shot effort, data-driven transformation is a long and sustained journey that requires commitment, steadfastness, and adaptability. A Microsoft partner and Azure solutions provider, InData delivers the cloud, security, and AI technology needed to build and sustain an effective, agile data estate.

In just one month, from July 31 to August 2, 2019, the MIT Chief Data Officer and Information Quality Symposium will convene on the campus of MIT in Cambridge, MA for the 13th consecutive annual program. Of course, for most of these years, this event was focused on information quality, and it was only during this decade that the event has rechristened itself to focus on the Chief Data Officer (CDO) role and audience. At the 2018 program, a panel of CDO’s, consisting of CDO’s representing GE, General Motors, and Morgan Stanley shared their perspectives on the state of the CDO role and reflected on the challenges they faced, as well as the opportunities before them.

On July 31, 2019, CDO’s representing Cigna, Citizens Bank, JP Morgan Chase, MasterCard, and Walmart will convene for a panel discussion to offer their perspectives on the state of the CDO role and the challenges they must overcome. The timing couldn’t be more opportune. While the CDO role is now widely adopted — 67.9% of major companies report having appointed a CDO, up from 12.0% in 2012 — the challenges have arguably never been greater. Data continues to proliferate. Data ethics and data protection have risen to the top of corporate Board priorities. Digital transformation initiatives are driving intensified competition. Chief Data Officers are being subjected to greater demands, while greater levels of expertise are being called for.
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